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Sunday, January 18, 2015

At the studio

The ceiling must be 12 feet high, and all concrete walls and floor, though I am not sure what the ceiling is made of.
This used to be the city garage, where either fire engines or police cars were kept or serviced.  The Black Mountain Center for the Arts is in the old City Hall building, which also once housed the library, and the jail (basement).  The Clay Studio is this separate building, which now has a couple of regular glassed doors and 3 windows facing south.
The kiln room was built inside this room, with extra insulation for the heat generated there, as well as ventilation.
Anyway, here's the heat/cooling unit on the wall, at least 9 feet above floor level.  The man who came to figure out what was going wrong with it couldn't get it to "misbehave" as it had been doing...and he didn't have a ladder tall enough to get up to eye level with it.  He did stretch and pull out the filters and clean them, though he said they weren't that dirty.  We replaced the batteries in the remote control, and are waiting to see if it works now.
My scientific question of the day, is the thermostat in the remote control also a thermometer, so it tells the unit when the temperature has been reached?  Or is the thermometer actually in the unit up on the wall?  A couple of times the unit has turned itself off, but when the thermostat was set to higher temperatures, eventually it turned itself on again.
So somehow it is getting the message to keep working till the temperature goes up...I just wonder where the temperature is actually measured.
At home the thermostat has the temperature reading as well...this remote doesn't.
So that's the exciting news from Lake Black Mountain.  Sometimes I feel a bit lost...

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