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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Plates Cat-altered (Cataltered, caltered?)

Remember a few weeks ago during the night my cat stepped across the drying plates?  (Mentioned in my blog here.)

Well, I used 2 of them to test some new glaze techniques.  Using slip trailing and glazes, and then dipping the whole piece into a glaze bucket.

Here are the results.

 My conclusion is that slip trailing is still a messy job for glaze, and it allows the 2 glazes I tried for the plates to just intrude over it onto the faces...they used to have chins.  Vertical surfaces are a real no-no for this glaze technique.

On the plus side, putting a thin coat of clear over the slip trailed and glazed portions does work, no crazing which our clear glaze often gives.  However I think it contributed to the blurring.

I really want highly defined black lines, within which I can use different colors of glaze.

If you have a recommendation, please leave a comment.  Thanks!


  1. Those plates are winners, it' looks like the cat is peaking over a wall or from inside a hiding place. make a whole set, they'll sell for sure.

  2. Curiosity killed a cat...wonderful, expressions; they look ready for devilment!
    I like black Velvet Underglaze for outlining. If I don't want it to smear when I'm working with other colors I mix in some wax resist.

  3. Thanks Smartcat...I'll get some Black Velvet soon. As underglaze, I could even apply it to the leather hard ware I bet. Part of my difficulty is the lines just pop off of bisque wares. But I've seen the same thing when bone dry as well. More testing! The wax resist combo sounds like a plan too.

  4. no way, whatever you did looks PERFECT :)


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