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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

To alter the plates

Last Thursday I was putzing around in studio before taking Muffin to the vet.  So I threw 3 plates, and was going to alter then when they had set up enough.  By bedtime they were still too damp.  So under plastic they went for the night.

Yep, the were altered a la feline during the night.  The window next to the work table was open, and I am sure Ms Panther had a bit of a surprise jumping on all that plastic noisy stuff that was squishy underneath.


  1. Goodness, she certainly had fun, and there is a fine Asian sensibility to her tracks!

  2. Oh yea! Aren't helper cats great?

  3. I am turning the 2 little plates into kitty kiddy plates. Made some paw prints and a kitty face with slip, glazed the eyes yellow...will see how the glazes come out soon. You'll be the first (er second) to see!

  4. oh I like the idea of going with the paw prints :)

  5. I'm terribly frustrated, not for the first time. The glaze kiln which was to be loaded yesterday at the studio didn't get loaded until today because Charles forgot to load it last night, and my plates weren't among the things in it. That means I won't get to see the test plates (tests because it's a new technique I was trying) until after the next glaze load. And they are getting to be not as frequent, as there are less pots being produced these days at the BMCA studio...or maybe they are strange shapes. Charles said this kiln had other flat things which had been waiting longer than my plates which got into this kiln load. However there were also more than just my plates that were left I'm thinking maybe in another week.. Argh! (Great expression that I am sure we all have felt before.)


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