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Friday, January 31, 2014

Dry and waiting

For the firing to bisque it...right now at bone dry stage is the most fragile.  I even put a note, thanks for not touching, in hopes nobody will try to see the other side or something strange.
Didn't make it into the last bisque firing, so it will wait another week or so.  With this weather we're having, the students have cut back a bit on their production...what, you disagree?  Well, that's my impression, but I admit I was out of the studio for a week.  I'm sure my one or two pots a week weren't missed.


  1. This is exquisite, fingers crossed it makes it through the bisque without any mishaps.

    1. Thanks Linda, appreciate your good thoughts. It's cooling tomorrow I'll get to see it, and maybe glaze it.


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