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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tree Creation One point One

Tree Creation One was published by mistake yesterday, so here's the real thing, TC 1.1

Throw a tall cylinder.

Slap some additional clay on it for branches and roots.  Make lots of indications of where bark and branches might be.

Throw a medium size bowl.

waiting for trimming consistency
While waiting the 24 hours or so before I can trim the bowl (yes NC is humid most of the time)
I work a bit more on the trunk.

This sculpture started at the stop light in downtown Black Mountain.  I thought, the trouble I've always had was putting the crown of leaves on a tree sculpture.  It never looks right.  How about an inverted bowl, carved into leaf patterns?

So I went to the Black Mountain Center for the Arts Clay Studio, and this was started.  I brought it home to work on, thus the blue plastic tablecloth which is covered with suns, moons and old clay.

There will be more steps to see coming up.  Fairy door.  Goddess.  Cutouts...


  1. HAHA yes, fairy door :) Fun watching you work on this indeed!

  2. It's sure been fun making it at the clay studio, and getting so much help and encouragement from the other potters.


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