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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Close up

Just look what a little water, sun and soil can do...I'm growing and growing now!

It's really hard to get her in focus!
 I had borrowed back this statuette from the gallery while they were closed over Christmas, and now she's back at Black Mountain Center for the Arts.

Just wanted to get a close up of her features...difficult to see with camera.  I'm interested in how the white glaze filled in low places which were shadows before glazing, thus making a kind of negative image as raised areas remained darker like her lips.
I had her home so I could get a critique from my son the sculptor who's in grad school at Indiana University.  Yep, I still have some areas to work on.


  1. Both are really beautiful. It's so hard to get great shots of shinny white ceramics.

    1. Yes, do you know any good photo tricks? I'm looking forward to a few flowers in just days!

  2. I love that white glaze on your sculpture, it looks like a celadon even though it's white. You've surprised me with the fact that the white glaze can have some negative areas in the raised portions. I must have a new look at some glazes to see this effect. Always something new to learn.

  3. And both are stretching toward the sky.

    Your lady is lovely. I'm sure your son was very impressed. Beautiful clean glaze.


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