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Monday, November 5, 2012

Still no videos

Dillsboro Pottery Festival, 2012.
I'll try this video clip...if it loads.  It's not edited.  Why do the people who design editing programs (at least the ones available free) make them so obtuse?

Oh, they want to make money, eh?

OK, it didn't work...oh well.

Here's Ron Philbeck putting his lovely bowl down on the table...without the aid of a bat!

The collage below is hopefully so you don't have to scroll through so many pictures today.  From left to of the corners entering Dillsboro, me and Phil Morgan (a potter who does lovely crystal glazes), the The Dogwood Crafters Co-op sign, and the Jarrett House Restaurant flying banners for it's local teams.  The Dogwood Crafters had lovely benches upon which to rest in the sun and stretch our legs.

Lower pictures: My friend Pat and her husband Michael come to Dillsboro for the Jarrett House meals, then to look at the pottery.  Next the front of the Dogwood Co-op. The lovely Victorian parlour (middle right pic) was the setting for a lot of people sitting around watching...wait for it...a football game on a wide screen TV.  What a hoot! Then The Jarrett Baptist Church.  Notice a repetition of a family name?

The Jarrett House was definitely the best place to eat in town, and they gave wonderful service!  Out of the choices of chicken, fish or ham for meat we all received the same sides.  Nobody has ever provided so many side dishes anywhere I've eaten, and most were homemade.  Rolls, coleslaw, apple sauce, pickled beets, and corn which weren't on the main plate.  Then a big serving of boiled buttered potatoes and green beans with the meats.  And I had a slice of pie for desert too.

The top row of this collage just shows some of the interesting people walking around the Western Carolina Pottery Festival.

Lower row shows an old gas pump which sits outside another restaurant which was closed.  Next is me with a grin of satisfaction at the Jarrett House food.  And then the empty plates.  Finally...of course, the caboose of the Smokey Mountains Railroad.

I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures, and maybe will make a comment.  Thanks.


  1. dang, western Carolina pottery festival, sheesh, that would be awesome to visit!

    1. Some potters at Tree House pottery started this festival...juried for 40 booths...which are on just one side of the street for about 3 blocks. $3 admission for the one day event. I think it's run 8 years now. The local businesses on the other side of the street are also open...but there are signs that recession has been hard on Dillsboro, like the restaurant we went to last year being closed, and other buildings empty.

  2. What a splendid day. I like the collages, clicking on them gives you the big photos!

    1. is always great for everyone to have good weather for outdoor fesitvals. Thanks for comment about clicking to enlarge collages! Hope you're doing ok.

  3. That looks like such a great time, and perfect weather for a day out. I agree with Suzi, the collages are great.

  4. Looks like it was a special day. I love seeing all the pics of North Carolina. Have spent many wonderful vacations there!


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