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Thursday, November 15, 2012

New neighbor, another potter

A talented old neighbor moved on, and a new talented neighbor moved in...well, is in the process.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Sarah Vekasi!

I happened to be taking my pictures of pots yesterday with the porch/studio door open, because it was warmer outside, and the natural sunlight helped the colors.  So not much traffic comes by here, being a dead-end street.  There went Sarah in her her new home.  I walked up to welcome her, with my camera still strapped around me.  So I was able to catch her first time looking in HER mailbox.

She walked down the hill to get my welcome hug.  I'll go visit her new house soon, but she was doing her first house walk-through (and smudge) by herself.

Anyone who doesn't do a smudge cleansing of their environment with white sage, well, where have you been?  House blessings are just done that way by most of my buddies.  I even do it in my home whenever I've been sick.  Get's the environment balanced again.

Sarah has over a couple hundred friends on FaceBook.  I don't know how many will be beating a path to her door...but I know they'll all be welcome.  You see, besides being a potter, she's an eco-chaplin.  She's also an activist for stopping Mountain Top Removal by mining in West Virginia.  This is a busy young woman!


  1. which plant is white sage? latin name would help, if you know it!!

    1. White sage is the dried herb smudge bundle Sarah is holding in her bowl. Native Americans started this as far as I know. Here's a site talking about it, and showing it...(you'll have to cut and paste it)

  2. Oh what could be better than another potter moving in nearby, enjoy, wish there was a potter in my neighborhood.

    1. Yes, we are both community studio members, so know each other's work already. Of course she will be working more in her new studio soon!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, as well as a free standing studio with kiln! She already has a wheel!

  4. She sounds like a lovely addition to the neighborhood!


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