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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last chance Tailgate

If you happen to visit Black Mountain, or live in this area...please stop by next Sat. Nov 17, between 10-1, for our final Tailgate Market with the MudBuddies selling pottery.

So this is our poster, and I'm sending the news out to you and your friends, asking that maybe you'll come by our booth.  We will be in the parking area of the First Baptist Church on Montreat Rd.

The MudBuddies have 2 tents for this final sale opportunity, and we will have some really good bargains.  All 6 of the potters will have a great display.  Some of us are students, retired,  undiscovered artists,  hobbiests or new there is a good spread of talents.  

I hope to see you Saturday!


  1. Wish I was closer I'd definitely stop by.

    1. One of these days you'll be in the area and surprise me at a Tailgate, I just know! Thanks for comment!


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