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Monday, November 5, 2012

Green Monday

 I want to focus on one of my favorite colors.  Green.  (Thanks Gary for the idea, since you've just put in 20 years getting  to the glaze combo that you were searching

I liked this combination (on a bowl that now belongs to someone else out there)  It's eggshell inside, and in the accents on the outside, with matt bronze green outside and on the rim.  I didn't do anything to make the great drips, either.

 Looking at this small bottle, all I can say is it didn't behave the way these glazes usually did, and I don't remember which ones it has on it.  Perhaps matt bronze green above, then celedon over the whole thing.  Usually our celedon is not blue however, so I'm not sure.\

This is the second one, same treatment...whatever it was.

This is one of my favorite glazes, which comes out in variations that don't always look the same.  Here moving toward antique green.  It's Matt bronze green sponged with amber.

Unfortunately our bucket of amber hasn't been used in a while and has settled into a solid several inches below the liquid.  I wonder if it will work at all again.

And this is my green moving to turquoise color...a dip into Mexico, then a dip into celedon. 

When used on a different clay, the matt bronze green will have the clay showing through, here either a raku clay  or perhaps dessert buff stoneware.  The orange spots are from wiping the glaze to a thin coat while still wet.


  1. Beautiful serene greens - and, I so love that antique green on the two jugs. Oh, gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, that's the one that I may not be able to do any more. Fingers and toes crossed.


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