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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dried out but pleased

Sunshine and low humidity made a fabulous day today.  My friends and I stood and sat in the full sun for 4 hours.  I drank coffee (at least 3 cups worth).  Not really good when you're baking, right?  It probably wasn't even 60 out, but I bet the driest day we've had in months!

Michael (Pat's husband) at the end (behind his wood turnings) then Marsha, and Pat in a sweater to match my display green. (these are my wares in the foreground.)
We had a good sales day...all in all.  It was more work to set out  more pottery, but it did help having double-size space for display.  And it was nice having a wood-turner as well.  His work is beautiful.

I came home at 1:30 and collapsed.  Still haven't absorbed enough liquids. Well, I usually take a water bottle, but it was so darn cold at 8:45 when I left home, all I could think of was hot coffee in a thermos.

Elise was describing something extraordinary to Bette.  Wonder what?

This was our last market for Mud Buddies for the year.  All in all, we have had a good Tail Gate season.

Who knows what next year will bring.

Oh, here are some pics of my pieces that sold today.  I also enjoyed a bit of trading with others.

Two men were interested in this, one left and said if it was still there, he'd buy it when he came back, it wasn't.  I didn't think to tell him I could make another one.  DUH!

There are still more of these, and I've finally reduced the price (see Etsy shop)

These $25 mugs went for $18. It was a Tail Gate sale after all.

Another vendor bought this bowl, and I love thinking of her mixing things to serve her family with it.  (it was reduced and she traded for part of the price also!)
A medium size mixing bowl, which went to a patron of my endeavors, at a lowered price. I even gave her one of the extra plates that goes with the set she purchased a year ago. She then gave me a CD of her flute playing. .

And this was the most fun adventure in trading for me today.  I really wanted this cornucopia to go to a new home where it could be enjoyed for the holidays.  A woman was quite interested, and I told her the price was reduced in half.  She still smiled, so I said, of course we could maybe trade something.  She said she could only offer jams and pies.  I smiled, and said we could certainly work out a trade.  So I've got a great deal, and she walked around the market without having it wrapped, she was so pleased with her side of the trade!


  1. Congratulations on a good show. Sun light helps show off the beauty of the pots so nicely.

    1. It really does make going toward the dark days of winter easier, having had a good show.

  2. Sounds like a good day. I love your mugs with the swirls! Trading makes so much sense.


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