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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Great feeling glaze

An accidental glaze.  It's probably some amber, with eggshell sponged over it.  Or???
The shapes were also fun, kind of female with bulges in various appropriate places.

To sponge glazes, just have a little bowl of glaze, a very dry-damp sponge, and dip the sponge into glaze, then lightly onto the bisque-ware pot.  There should be some speckling, not a solid print.  Move around the pot to get fairly even covering of little spots. If the sponge gets too full of glaze, just squeeze it cleaner then keep working. Dry the first color, clean the sponge, and do the same with a second color of glaze...making sure all the interior is covered.  NOTE, you can even pour a solid coat into the interior with one glaze, then just sponge the other color over it.

I loved the feel of the glaze when I held it, or placed my lips to the rim.  Not slick, nor was it dry like many matt glazes feel.

But it was time to let this set of cups go. A good friend was obliging.  I asked her to throw out some of my earlier pieces that I'd given her.  I do hope she did, since they are embarrassing no end.  But she's used to them.  I'll check and see if she re-gifted these some day.


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