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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wine red mugs with orchids

I've been working on an order of tumblers in this color, with hand painted phalaenopsis orchids on the side.  So I had to make a few mugs as well.

 Did I mention they will be at the Tailgate Market from 9-12 today, Sat. May 17! 

PS, I thought I could just carry them out to the car without wrapping them in any padding.  But I couldn't get the door open and bang, two of them fell against each other and broke off the handles.  I called myself a lot of not very pleasant names.  All that work for crumbled clay!  (But it's pretty!)


  1. No, you broke 2 of those beauties?????!!!! Just gorgeous :)

  2. so sorry about that, love that color of glaze

  3. These have a lovely glaze and design. Bummer that you broke two. Is there any way you can grind the handles flat and use them at home? (I hate giving up on pots!)


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