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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Knitting Bowls

In the foreground are 2 knitting bowls awaiting the glaze firing.
A finished bowl to hold a ball of yarn, and let you run the yarn through the curl cut in the bowl...either for knitting or crocheting.  Other colors of bowls are also going to be for sale soon at the Tailgate Market in Black Mountain.  It opens on May 3 this year, same location behind the First Baptist Church at 200 Montreat Ave.


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    1. Oh, sorry, I usually tell you what the glazes are, don't I? On the right is just a straight blue, which we call Black Mountain Blue. Up the road it's called Montreat Blue. On the left is a combo...first a dip into "Floating Blue" then a dip into "clear" which gives the lovely mottled effect. But since it can run easily, I never dip the second glaze close to the edges on vertical surfaces.


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