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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My home

Driving up Beech Street, the butterfly bush blocks any view of the front door and it's porch, with my studio right there.

Lots of driveway next to the street.  To the right is neighbor's shed and my huge marigold flowers.

If I were to go back in time to when this house was built (50s I've heard) would I have ever imagined I'd retire and be comfortable living here?

Well when I was a teen I probably dreamed I'd be living in a castle with Prince Charming.  I've got my feet (and my hands) more grounded in the clay of reality these days!


  1. oh I do love butterfly bushes, when I was a teen I dreamed of having a little house in the country with a pond and weeping willow planted beside the pond, still hoping. ha. how far is the lake from your house? I've got to get up there and visit you soon before it gets too cold and icy I don't want to drive those mountain roads with ice.

    1. Well, we almost never have icy roads...last year none at all, nor any snow here. But back a few years lots of it, so you never know. Lake Tomahawk is about a mile away as the crow flies, but up and down too many hills for me to walk to it. Yes, do come see me. The studio will be open starting next week, so I'd love guests to drop by! Every afternoon 3-6.

  2. I really like the look of your property, Barb. A sweet cottage - and, you're so lucky to have your studio so near.

    I love Buddleia - butterfly bushes - too. We have a lovely dark purple one :)

  3. oh that would be perfect, see you soon

  4. Charming! I've always liked the earlier houses of the 1900s. They have a certain charm and are built so well. I would say it looks like a great place to retire. I admire you for finding a place that fits your lifestyle. -- barbara


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