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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Extra large tumblers, which are hard for me to hold in my hand actually!  That's because they are shiney glaze (again) which means it's slippery when full of beverages.  Men wouldn't have that problem, so I hope some men buy these.  For me, I'll have to go somewhat narrower, or less weighty (they are a bit thick of sides!) or change the glaze.  (there are 6, and the final 2 have a ring of unglazed area, but it's not the answer to the slipperiness).  Thinner is the answer!


  1. I love them; What size are they? What about putting some texture or sprigs on that size to aid in grasping. I have several vases I did that too and it does make holding them feel more secure in the hand. I have a tea bowl that Gary likes because it has an indentation in it, he has arthritis in his thumbs and the first time he picked it up he said he liked the teabowl because the indentation made it easier to hold.

  2. Thanks Linda: The indentation is an idea another friend suggested as I shall definitely be trying that for next set.

  3. They don't look that large in the picture, I'm glad you wrote about that in the post. I have a tea bowl with a thumb indentation that works great, I also recommend trying it. Thin is defiantly the answer, I've never had a customer complain that a mug or cup was too light.


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