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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Puzzling tail, er tale!

A friend spent much of Christmas time making jig saw puzzles.  Then she loaned me 3 of them.  It's February, but I chose one to work on, and got a friend over to help sometimes.

And kept the cat off of it, mostly. (See this post .)

It sure was a fun time, with coffee and cashews to take a break with occasionally.  And the amazing cat in the puzzle has to be 3 feet long, or those are fake books he's behind so that he doesn't have to swerve his body all the way behind their depth.  Of course I refused to believe the artist didn't consider that.  I did enjoy that this was a painting of these books etc, rather than a photograph.

And then after the last piece was successfully placed, to much applause, we began the disassemble task.

To the tune of "Life is a Highway," life became a puzzle.  And amateur philosopher that I am, I looked to see how it might work. The edge pieces are very important, and then finding pieces that match a hole, and finally and lastly, just looking at a particular piece and trying to find where it might go.  Then back and forth, piece, or hole, or piece.  Counting the number of pegs or "what do you call them, the little cave shapes?"

Quote for today:

In Zen Buddhism and Chinese Taoism  (mu) is an openness that allows for greater peace, balance and relationship, like an empty cup that provides space for tea.

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