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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jigsaw puzzle and a cat

How do you make a jigsaw puzzle when you have a cat who walks through anything on the table?

My attempt was to put a table cloth over all the 750 pieces.  I'm about 1/4 into the puzzle, have the outside border done, and maybe a few key easy things assembled.

But then Panther decided she needed to look out the window...was that a squirrel over there?

Did she miss something over there the other direction?

Well, all seems well. Until she decided she needed to chase her tail on top of the table.

I haven't looked under the table cloth yet.  (I know, I'm a....)

Next day, Cat Rule number 25, "all sunshine is there for benefit for the cat."

 I love my friend's puzzle she loaned me, books and a cat, in case you can't see the details!

Today's Quote: 
You can have anything you want in life but not everything “” — Ray Dalio, Founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund firm.

Extra treat: Simon the Cat


  1. We haven't had much luck leaving a puzzle out with cats around. The only way that worked for us is to have it upstairs and a gate put on the stairs. Cats do love to help with puzzles... all a part of living with a cat.

  2. Typical cat! My Dad has a reinforced cardboard puzzle board so he can move his puzzle out of the way when he isn't working on it. Often times he slides it under the bed. He obviously doesn't have a cat, because we cat owners know that if you hide it, the cat will find it!


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