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Monday, November 7, 2016

Seeing friendly potters

After a great day at the Tailgate Market last Saturday, we took off for Dillsboro.

While on the drive through smokey highways from a forest fire nearby, when we got to the valley there were clear skies.  We had a late lunch/dinner at the Jarrett House.

We parked in a fairly close spot, then had to wait until the Smoky Mountain Train re-coupled the last was full of tourists on such a beautiful day.

That is billowing smoke from the fire on the other side of the ridge, not clouds. We saw a few planes dropping retardant and water on it as we went home a few hours later, and a couple of fire trucks near Waynesville took off to help them.

But you want to see the pots don't you?

John Bauman had a welcoming smile, and said he'd had a really good day. You'll find him also on Facebook these days.

 I loved the color combinations of Jill Tortorella.

The deep purple combined with pale turquoise seemed just beautiful in the late afternoon sun.

As I told her this, she handed me a huge bouquet of flowers, which had been in her pots on display all day.  She insisted I take them, saying they would go in a garbage can or I could take them. Well, I said "Thank you" of course!

She had been selling pottery all day, and still had to dismantle the booth and pack it all up, and was gifting me who didn't even purchase anything! That's a great attitude!

And now those same flowers are blessing my home, in my own pottery which is for sale also!

Today's Quote:

The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away. 
Joy J. Golliver

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