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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Puttin' the feet up

Sunday is definitely my day of rest here.
You'd think being retired, I would get enough rest already.  Not so.

Last week, two different doctors' visits.
Wrangling with a home health outfit over the phone as to getting 2 different pharmaceutical deliveries, by both FedEx and UPS. My apartment number is on all my files, but somehow people just skip it. Duh.

So I'm feeling a bit out of sorts.

Daylight savings is over.  I'm a lot "out of sorts."

Fall is winding down, I now see the mountain ridge outside through the trees again.  My living room is no longer tinted green as it was all summer from those same trees.  For the last few weeks the orange light has been really healthy feeling, as well as direct sunlight coming through the windows. Yes, old sol is sliding down in the sky, and has another couple of months to go before she starts her upward travels. Winter may be drab, but having sun shining in the windows certainly helps brighten my spirits.

OK, that's where I am today!

Yesterday I was outside all morning, a bit freezing at the Tailgate Market to start with, but then comfortable by the time it was over.  Then we took a nice ride to Dillsboro, NC to see many professional potters of the SE.  Oh they had beautiful things! I get inspired just seeing so much diversity and talent.  I'll share a few pics later.  And what a lovely lunch at the Inn.  They closed at 2:30, but we were stopped for about 15 min. by a train and were a bit late. They gave us a wonderful spread anyway.

Today's quote:

When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms.
Ma Jaya Sati

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