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Friday, November 4, 2016

Peace needed here!

Sepia Saturday has given us a meme of War and Peace for November's posts.

I must admit to having no old photos of war-like images...except some uncles in uniforms, which I'll try to find and share again.

With the hoopla here in the US about our election, especially around the Presidential race, I really need a place of peace.

So I'll be sharing those old picture which look peaceful, this week at least. Depending upon the outcome of next weeks' votes, I may be posting something less peaceful then.

From my oldest sons father's family photos...unknown children. Even those who have names are unknown to me. But they are indeed Sepia!

A contact strip of cute little ones in various poses and costumes...even maybe one like a soldier with the flag.  It's possible one or another of these children are ancestors of my sons.

Caption: Henry O'Horrow
Indianapolis, Ind.

The boy's uniform looks to be of the WW I era. Why would anyone dress a little boy like a soldier? He probably was very proud of it.

I'm thinking early 20th or late 19th century.


  1. Kids like to dress up as rock-em, sock-em heros. Back during the WWI period, a soldier was most likely the closest they could come to that? And oh, do I agree with you about the election. Enough of the down and dirty political ads. I'm so sick of it all and will be so glad to see them all gone! (The ads) (Well - AND some of the people too!)

  2. I agree, Wednesday can't come soon enough! Your photos are adorable.

  3. I have a photo of my grandmother dressed in someone's uniform, holding a gun and aiming at the photographer in her kitchen. The children are sweet.

  4. That's a wonderful photo of the little boy in the uniform. Probably had an older brother, father, or uncle that served. As kids we play war games and then some people never get it out of their system. Thus the reason video game markets are full of games that do nothing but kill people. And about now with the insanity in this country I fear there will be even more bloodlust.

  5. Thank you for these images and it’s a good question; why would you want your child dressed thus, except in the cause of patriotism I guess.

  6. My uncle must have been about 4 when he was photographed wearing his brother and cousin's pilot caps. He and their families were no doubt proud of their sons and brothers, despite knowing what might happen.


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