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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Some of my favorite pots

Sometimes you just want to look at what you've got... I have a lovely set of built in shelves in my current apartment.  This week I unpacked more tubs of pottery and put them on display.

You may have noticed the black backdrop, which is where I take my photos of the new pottery.  Pretty simple, except getting the lighting right, and the coloring.  But it's a way to keep records.

Bottom shelf items need to be put on special sales...they were here last year!

These are the things that will go to the market this Saturday. 
I'll be bringing home some of the things that have been at market all July. It's time to think about August!

There are 2 more sets of shelves to share with you...

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  1. your pottery look super on that built in shelf which I love; did you show photos of your cheese boards after they were fired? I don't remember them, do they have a pottery tour near you, you could have an open studio day and sell from the shelves, just a thought

    1. Thanks, our studio tours have dried up at this point. I don't think these apartments would let me have a sale right here...just the headache of parking would prohibit it. But individuals can always come over to see things! Yes, cheese boards are finished, and I think I've posted pics of their glazes. One white, one green big size.


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