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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Need to prune sometimes

I had 6 huge sunflower plants growing, and not much space between them.
I can't help it every seed came up.  But I should have known to cut back some of them earlier.  It's just such a hard decision to make.
That's my raised bed garden with the giants (second one in the picture.) They grew tall, and strong, but every other one was having some serious problems.
I didn't have anything to cut them with, so I just bent down the stems on the ones that had dying leaves.  I also did the same to some of the other leafy things that were unknown to me, from the Burpee's Polinators seeds.

I wonder what this was.

I'd really like a few tomatoes, and then maybe some beans.  We shall see. There are just too many things growing in this little space!

Today's Quote:

The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.
Margaret Storm Jameson

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  1. Barbara -- Looks like you have lots of healthy basil. I bet you will get more than you think you will out of your raised bed. -- barbara


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