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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lost the Phone!

I am so thrilled this was only a dream!
I was living in a tiny apartment in one of those glass clad buildings in NY city.  I was a bit overwhelmed.
Just a bit.
new york city
And I lost my phone, someplace between the lobby, the elevator, and the sidewalk.
There at least was a lost and found, with a high counter behind which sat some helpful people.  I ranted and raved at them, showing them I had a pink iPhone just like this.
They pointed at my hand which had the phone in it, and said, "just like that?"
Just like that.

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But the feelings and the sights had been so real.  Ah, losing my identity, living in a huge confusing environment, losing even my connection to all whom I know.  Such are the dreams of my life.
And waking up to see that it was still sitting on my bedside table.  With a funny app called "find my phone." Which if it were really lost, a lot of damn good that would do! Releases New Cute iPhone 5 Cases To Style Up Any ...


  1. Barbara -- Dreams are so often like code -- break the code and you will know what your dream meant. Speaking of losing your phone -- I really have lost my phone, hopefully temporarily. A family member borrowed it and now can't find it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for its return. Happy 4th -- barbara

  2. Last night I lost my glasses in a dream. I was at a crazy mall and I thought I threw them out with a paper bag full of fast food trash!


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