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Monday, July 18, 2016

Good grief, they are double in size again

I got to the garden again after a few days, only to see huge plants just going like crazy.  These sunflowers are from seeds which I saved from last year's one giant sunflower plant.

Five days ago, they were only this tall! 
I learned that the leaves catch those strings and just pull them up to the sky with them! So yesterday I unhitched them, since they were just to keep the plants from falling over.  They are still loosely supported.

 A couple of zinnias (left lower plants with buds) were included with the "wildflowers to attract pollinators" packet. I didn't weed that area, so all kinds of things may be coming up.  Does anyone know what the lacy leaf plant is?

The ornamental pepper is producing a lot of leaves, as well as the basil.  Pesto anyone? The catnip on the right is blooming.   I may dry some again.  The last time my cat wasn't interested.

There were smaller sunflowers as part of the polinator packer as well...and they seem to attract the bugs.  I sprayed everything except them, with a mixture of garlic powder and a little dish soap.  But we had a good rain the following night, so I should go do it again, if I want to deter any critters on my veggies.

The tomato plants are also rampant at creating leaves.  I started pinching off some of them, I think they are called suckers, the secondary leaves that come at each branching.  Now just to get them to make blossoms!

Beans aren't doing half as well as I hoped, not like those sunflowers.  Perhaps they are in the shade of their taller neighbors.  I'm pleased with my 12 foot patch of earth however.  I keep harvesting basil and freezing it.

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  1. Nice garden! I've never tried my cats on home grown dried catnip because the love the pots with their fresh leaves.

  2. I think the lacy thing is a weed. We have some that comes up in our little garden too. My zinnia's are growing and flowering like crazy. They are attracting lots of bees and butterflies.

  3. I believe the lacy leaves are cosmos flowers, one of my favorites because of the lacy leaves and delicate petals.

  4. Barbara -- Wow all that lovely growth in your 12 foot garden! I was just talking with a gardener two days ago about suckers. I went home and found this good article about removing them. Removing sucker is not good according to this garden writer and he tells why -- an interesting article. Enjoy. -- barbara


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