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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Now where are the dredgers and dump trucks?

Local news...follow up to the Lake Tomahawk dredging delay...

Check out this article in Black Mountain News.
To summarize, rain has made it impossible to start dredging, the decision as to when is up to the contractor at this point.

BMN 011416 Lake Tomahawk

The good news is all that is happening at the Lakeview Center, now renamed Lakeview Center for Active Aging.

Here is a link to info about Lakeview Center,
and one to their January Newsletter.

Because I receive these in my email, I just received the Black Mountain Rec. Dept online version of the program guide for Winter and Spring 2016.  It's amazing.  And includes the rec. center that's actually now nearer me, Carver Center.  So I need to see about some of the things scheduled over here!

The first that caught my eye was this:
Carver Community Garden: This community garden will re-open with elevated beds in Spring 2016! These beds are great for people who have limited mobility - no kneeling or bending! Rental fee for the regular growing season is $20. Reserve a bed by contacting Jill at the Carver Center.
As I read through I thought, I have used just pots and planters for years, because kneeling was so uncomfortable.  Whow, I should really get involved here!  Later on I read that the beds have yet to be built, and no way I could help build them.  Drat.  I will still call and see about reserving a future bed.  I did keep some of those giant sunflower seeds from last year! 

Yep, I'm doing what all farmers do in January, thinking about which seeds...

Those catalogs are so beautiful.  


  1. after years I have weaned myself off of the mailing lists of seed and plant and nursery catalogs, but I do have a packet of seeds in my desk drawer waiting to be planted in advance of Spring.

  2. Barbara -- Perhaps the garden announcement did not mean you had to make the beds. Usually community gardens rototill and prepare their plots before they are rented out. I hope that is the case in your community garden. Also in my area plots are rented fast. I would go over and check it out and talk to someone. -- barbara

  3. that lake and mountains are always so pretty!

  4. I like the idea of the raised beds. $20.00 sounds like a good price for a summer of gardening!
    Like Linda I managed to end the masses of seed catalogs I used to get! NowI have the internet!
    I think those of you further south will enjoy a much earlier spring than we do here in the north!


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