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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day Two of snowed-in

All day snowing, and this ramp had been cleared in the morning by a dog-owner, so he could go somewhere for relief.  By 4:30 pm Friday it was covered again.

I actually took this photo to show the slight little bit of I-40 in the horizontal space right above that roof-line. I would see a car or truck go by every minute or so.

At 8:30 am, our dog owner has again shoveled a path.  I wonder where doggie goes.

The handrail is for 2 steps, not usable at this point.  I would guess that cut in the snow by our shoveling friend shows around 7-8 inches.  You can barely make out the huddled cars over in the parking lot to the left.

No maintenance worker clearing anything. I saw him with a brand new snowblower on Thurs. before the snow started.

 I wonder if the mail was delivered yesterday (you know the old saying, neither sleet, nor snow, nor dark of night...)

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