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Friday, January 29, 2016

Bare basics

No pretty fake plants.  Not much gravel.  There are 4 fish which survived the last few weeks in a quart size mason jar.  They are a bit overwhelmed with all this space...and perhaps it's still too cold for them.  The light is going to be their source of heat, because I'm pretty sure the heater isn't working right.  I couldn't even leave the pump going because one of these little guys almost got sucked into it.  After all, they haven't had to deal with moving water in that jar.  They sure had some gunk in it too, so I couldn't even just pour them into the clean aquarium...I poured them into a net, then let them free in the new water.  I know, it should sit overnight, but it was treated to kill the chlorine.  Maybe they'll survive.  You can tell I am not heavily invested in this at this point.

I carried half-buckets-full of water to empty it, and then again to fill it.  I wore a mask while dealing with the old water, and the bleach water which I used to hopefully kill the algae that has been haunting me for months.  That's another reason there are no plastic plants.  I didn't feel like bleaching them all again.

So half of my goals for today have been completed!  That's really something I'm proud of.  I tried to download Windows 10, but for some reason my computer thought I really wanted to update Windows 8.1.  Since it is supposedly not going to be supported by updates any more, I was surprised to get all these updates.

Every morning when I turn on the computer, it wants to install Windows 10.  When I try to do it when I actually want to, nope.  It has disappeared.  I click on "Windows 10 install" and get Windows 8.1 updates.  You know the story.  Whenever I do get to this BIG thing that Windows 10 is all about, I will be dancing on the ceiling.  Fred Astaire did, so why can't I?

Joy is getting something accomplished that you can put your feet up and smile and look at.  A clean fish tank is really pleasing right now.

Quote for today:

The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. Rabindranath Tagore

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