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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spirit house

Well, it's new to me...the Thai people have been doing it for centuries.  My friend Su, showed me the model of one in their truck on the dashboard...

A full size one that costs around $1000 is below...

 I am working with clay, and miniature sizes...
but I like the idea of a little house in the garden where spirits are welcome.

Here's the one I posted before, that now sits by my front entrance.


  1. wow, I love the one in your garden, is it clay ? it looks like wood, beautiful

    1. The clay isn't glazed, just stained, which gives it a natural organic finish.

  2. Great idea, I'm sure you can make some very interesting and pretty spirit houses.

  3. Love Spirit Houses. Have a few and enjoy having them around. Yours is wonderful.


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