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Friday, February 6, 2015

Shall I give something away?

Set of desert/sandwich plates.

I have more pottery than I can use, than I can sell, and than I can maybe give away...what's the answer?

Inventory reduction is my goal these days.  But oh oh, I've started creating in the studio again.  I need to figure out a way to increase that Inventory Reduction, IR. 

IR should best be accomplished by turning some of that finished clay work into green energy which can pay for my heat, lights, food, gas etc.

If not, I just plain need to get rid of some of it.

I'm aware that offering it to friends might put them on the spot.  Perhaps they really don't like it.  I have my own inner critic that says "These are not "competitive" quality.  No wonder they haven't sold."

So critic be damned.  I want to give something away.  Something that someone will actually want.  So I'm thinking about how this can please me and the recipient.

And I want to be able to offer free shipping to anyone who wishes to purchase any of my works.  I've removed my former "pages" that were tabs at the top of this blog, right under the header picture.  They didn't seem easy enough to find things.  I need to redesign my site so people can actually see what I want to sell, er, give away!


  1. I wonder if in the spring you can set up a table at the streetside and have a "seconds sale"?

  2. I think Gary is on to something! Occasionally we put our e-z up tent outside our gallery and have a seconds sale.


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