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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Chicken and cashews on brown rice

Hello.  I'm your Shoestring Chef for One...

I used what was on hand, but this recipe could certainly be extended for more than one person if you'd like.

I find making good meals for one is a challenge, and often I go ahead and make 2 or more servings and have the left overs heated up the next day.

Chicken and Cashews on Brown Rice with Green Beans

  • $0.20   Brown Rice 1 pound for about $1.25 - use 1 serving out of 1 c rice cooked before with chicken broth (This is a time consuming thing to cook, so I usually made 1 cup dry with 2-1/2 cups of chicken broth cooked for an hour, which served about 10, and I put the left overs in the fridge and eat it for a week.)   
  • $0.20    Frozen Green Beans - 1 serving out of 16 oz bag which costs around $2    
  • $0.23    cashews -  1 oz out of 13 oz, at 2.99    (This was my best buy today to find cashews so cheap)
  • $0.58    Chicken, 1/2 breast - frozen bag of 6 for $7 - this is left over from last night when I thawed and broiled the breast and only ate half of it       
  • $0.05    Kikoman soy sauce, 3 dashes out of bottle     
  • $1.26      TOTAL cost of balanced, nutritious meal.
Everything was cooked in the microwave oven, total time was about 5 minutes. (Remember the rice and chicken were left overs) I've not calculated the cost of the electricity for cooking anything here.

Of course other people would use different spices.  I like the blandness where I can taste the different flavors as I eat each bite,

Plate with raised edge and 2 glaze colors, made by this potter...$15


  1. looks delicious, amazing you have it all broken down by price, I love cashews and that is a really good price. I cook for two and still I make large batches I can either freeze or have leftovers so I don't have to cook all the time plus I think it's more economical to cook large meals, often I notice the grocery store sells large family packs of items for less money than small packages so it also pays to buy the product that way and divide it up and freeze parts for later.

  2. Cashews and chicken are such a yummy combination! We try to make meals that we can eat twice or turn into something a little different the next go around. It saves time is economical. I think your lovely plate might have been the best deal for this meal!

  3. golDANG that is awesome, everything about it :)

  4. This sounds absolutely scrumptious! I'm not familiar with brown Mahatma rice, but have something similar in my larder called Tsuru Mae (also brown), and it would be grand with your recipe lovingly spooned over it.


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