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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tree Woman Plate

Finally got everything to go right.  I'm so happy about the slip trailing.

Ran into Asheville last week and bought new slip trailing pens.  Then started slowly drawing the outlines for a tree woman, centered on a plate, with many little spaces.

Then I filled in the spaces with different color glazes.  Then I waited a while.

All that slip trailing gives me a lovely cramp in my hands, squeezing with my thumb every so gently.  I added my 1X magnifying glasses over my regular glasses so I could see where I was working.

I'm so happy.

Detail of sliptrail glazing

My girls thought "what's a plate good for unless it's full?"


  1. LOVE your girls and what a magical plate, how utterly charming!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your suggestion of the underglaze pen. I used it as well as the "raised black glaze" pen, and then Mayco's new fine liner. Highwater is having an open house in a week, with a Mayco rep doing some demos about the Fine I'll be there to learn more.

  3. beautiful Barb, are you doing this on greenware or bisque

    1. On bisque-ware. I may try it on leather hard greenware sometime, especially if it's not a flat surface. That slip trailing likes to fall right off a vertical surface on bisque, no matter how well cleaned it is. Have you done that? What worked for you?

    2. I do all mine on greenware at the wet stage, it's easy to smear then but it definitely adheres and as long as it's not too runny it won't slip off.

    3. That's great to know Linda...I sure will try it. Do the sliptrailed lines get thicker as the clay shrinks? Just wondering.

    4. I have yet to do the slip trailing, but my thin lines get thinner because I am using engobe, or stains in slip so they shrink just like the clay. I would assume the slip would shrink as well, since it just a liquid clay. I like using engobe or slip better than underglaze because I don't have to brush multiple layers like I do with underglaze to get good coverage of the color.

      I like the kitty hiding behind the roots of the tree, superb plate..

    5. OK, Linda, I haven't tried that. You mix mason stains into a slip body that's just like the clay of the piece? Or any slip? I would love to try that now that I'm into designing on the surface. And of course it's applied earlier, before the bisque. Something to look forward to trying... But it looks like a logical next step.

  4. I absolutely love this plate! WOW.....................


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