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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Streaky glazes

I thought the glaze was too thin, there were streaks in the distribution when I dipped the bowls into it.

Then I saw how it also came out under-covered.

The raspberry continues to show the streaking after firing.  I've never under-stirred a glaze, but I guess this time I did.  So I re-dipped the one that was still waiting to be fired.  It came out ok in glaze, but had a crack in the it's toast.  The clay on that one was recycled, which probably wasn't as strong.

Three glaze combination the way it should look.  First into Matt Bronze Green (half of it, as shows on the right side of bowl).  Then into raspberry, which is the next hemisphere that gives an equator mark across the bowl.  Finally a smaller dip into Satin White, that is forming the three left hand colors of light green, white and shiney bright green.  It's a good test pot to show what the difference of one glaze over another is, which changes drastically when it is reversed.


  1. oh I love that matt bronze green, I wonder if your studio raspberry is the same as our one called new rose, it breaks to white

    1. Thanks Linda...on the white clay the green is just so pretty...but is completely different on Speckled Brownstone. I have no idea about new rose, but raspberry does break to white as the edges of the bowl show.


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