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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sell that teapot?

Yes, why not?  Did I make it to look at?  Well, yes, for someone else to look at.  And hopefully use!

New photos of a teapot that was made a few weeks/months ago...haven't made another one yet!

It was at the Tailgate last week, and if it didn't sell, it will be there again next Sat.

Here are some other teapots from bloggers I chat with often...
Gary Rith

Lori Buff
Lori Watts
Tony Clennell
Cedar Creek Gallery, Creedmore, NC
Smart Cat

Whynot Pottery


  1. Replies
    1. I enjoy your blog with my morning decaf! Glad you visit here and comment also! I do have some live flesh and blood friends too, just in case you wondered.

  2. Thanks for posting my teapot. Gary's right, it is a gorgeous collection.
    I hope your teapot finds a good home.

    1. I don't get to be in those shows you all are in, so I kind of felt sneaky putting pictures of your-all's teapots in the same blog. Tee hee!

  3. Thanks for including me! That's a neat collection!
    Don't know what you are asking for the teapot, but don't back down on the price. Sometimes, as you well know, it takes time for a special pot to find it's forever home.

    1. Oh I like your attitude! The "find it's forever home" like foster parents of animals have...and be prepared to let their little wards go to the new loving home! OK, I'm ready!


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