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Sunday, June 15, 2014

After the glaze firing

New lidded jars!

So here are the jars after firing, that I showed you a while ago.

Most of them went to the Tailgate Market here in Black Mountain. 

The new turquoise glaze on speckled brownstone clay
None sold yet.  Oh my.

Eggshell glaze with blushes of matt bronze green for accent color.  Speckled Brownstone clay
 Do you think $30 is too much to ask for all that work?


  1. pretty pretty pot, this white/turquoise one...price? oooof, it is like throwing dice...

  2. No, those are lovely especially the last one.

  3. Good looking glazes on good looking pots. I like the top one best.
    No, $30.00 is not too much. I think it's not enough!

  4. Very attractive jars. $30.00 is a deal.

  5. I loved the colouring on the first one until I saw the last's gorgeous! Lovely shape too.


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