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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MudBuddies last week

Beautiful setting, plenty of parking, great market
Lesson of the day, wind will tear flowers to shreds!
Marsha setting up her pots

Cathy considering her set up

Bette is our raku and jewelry artist

Barb's mugs and tumblers (and one of Marsha's casseroles too)

Pat's diverse creations
Our little co-op of five potters who started out at Black Mountain's Clay Studio at the Center for the Arts...we've got just about everything made in clay available here at the Tailgate Markets...each Sat. 9-12 all summer long.


  1. I have some silk flowers I take to the farmer's markets to put in my vases, one woman wanted to buy the flowers from me and was pissed off I wouldn't sell them to here. Ha. I told her she could go to walmart and get them but not my vases there.

    1. Good for you, Linda. However I bet she wasn't buying anything anyway. I was hoping to sell flowers and vase, but brought them all home. And a day later I found that an iris bud will bloom even in the trash can without water, so I put it back in a vase. I am learning.


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