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Monday, May 5, 2014

Mud buddies

First market of the 2014 summer season...Black Mountain Tailgate Market that is...
Pat (in pink) and Marsha, (in dark blue) discuss something that we'll never know.

After a winter of making pottery in different places, it was so fun to see each of our 5 creations.  Here Bette (in red) and Cathy (in tan) discuss glazes.

The 8:30 set up shows gorgeous green grass.

I dropped my mugs and cups (on the right end of the table shown above) and ran back to the Trillium Church Festival and sale up the road.  I am sorry to have missed seeing all my friends last Sat. at the Tailgate I'll be there with bells on this Sat (9-12). (Don't ask me where my bells are, however.)


  1. My first local sale at the farmer's market will be June, we shall see, the bells are on your shoes, only the elves can hear them.

    1. You said it Linda...good to hear you'll be joining the Sat. summer sales fun!


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