Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Juice or milk?

Suggestion of cherry blossoms on tree shapes...plum blossoms?  Then just on the rim some sky color.  And roots that go down into earthy green.

This set is done with speckled brownstone clay, a celadon glaze which is translucent to show the spotting in the clay, and Mayco Stroke and Coat for the plum blossoms.  I couldn't find a good pink that wouldn't wash out in cone 6, so mixed a white with some of the red, and it's a bit more red than I was hoping for...but that's alright.  The Black Mountain Clay Studio (part of the Center for the Arts) has lots of studio glazes, including the celadon, the glossy green, and the rim called plum...confusing I know.


  1. It's cherry blossom day, love the combo you have done on these cups, that's a lot of work glazing all those different colors but the effect was worth it. I think stroke and coat has a chart to show what the color will be after firing at mid range, but that may be for a white clay and not over another glaze. I always have a hard time knowing what my slip colors will do.

  2. I paint the tree trunk with red ion oxide, then the blossoms with whatever Stroke n Coat I choose. Then I wax over all of the painted parts before dipping into glaze buckets for the other 3 colors...which don't get any waxing but are blended by being overlapping. The celadon doesn't go all the way to the bottom of the cup on outside. I thus have stained clay without glaze for the trunks of trees, and just the Stroke n Coat on flowers...no overglazes. I dare say if I painted them with clear the pinks would come out more consistently...but that's a step I'd prefer to just skip. Maybe sometime down the road I will do that. Do you use the satin matt clear glaze? I've seen it applied thinly and it looks good. I don't like a high gloss clear, which our studio glaze is.


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