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Monday, May 12, 2014

Beauty in the eye of the beholder?

Part of me sees this as an ugly little chunky vase.

Then part of me sees the crystaline shapes, the deep pits, the depth of glaze that varies as it breaks on the rim, showing the stoneware through it's transparency...and maybe there's beauty there as well.

Here the same glaze was applied, somewhat thinner, on white clay.  The wine red was put on the rim first, I think.  The interior clear had already been applied.  And then the bottom was dipped into the celadon crystaline glaze.  I love that lip where the combined glazes still look fluid. Seeing the red through the crazing is also a fun thing to do.

So I'm glad to have tried this glaze out.  And I'll keep experimenting with some new things.  Looking always for sneaks up on me and surprises me sometimes.


  1. The vase is a nice shape for flowers; I'd love to see it with something bright in it.
    Your reds are terrific!

  2. I always tell my students who have a pot they don't love to put it out of sight for a few months. When they are out of expectations they can look at it more objectively and see the things you're asking about here. It seems like you like the glaze but not the vase. Try it on a different pot?

  3. I did make another pot which I used this glaze on, and it was made better, and the glaze seemed a better compliment to the shape.

  4. they are both wonderful to me, the red rimmed one looks like some of the red went into the lower glaze or is that just the lighting? either way I like it

  5. Mighty cool crystals and crackle pattern is what I would say!


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