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Monday, April 21, 2014

Raspberry (NOT) delight!

Our raspberry glaze at the BMCA clay studio is gorgeous deep red, with some blue tinges here and there.  It works well as long as you honor it's limits.
Too drippy to be on with another glaze near the bottom of a pot...guaranteed to run onto the kiln shelf.  Gorgeous all by itself

And now I know she just (being persnickity, must be female, raspberry) won't paint onto anything either.  I tested it about 6 times, painting little orchids onto the clay, then firing at cone 6 (all our glazes are geared for that temp).  They came out grey and fluid looking. And I learned the drippiness of the glaze means it blends like a watercolor, completely without control, when other glazes like white or yellow are added.  These were on a verticle surface and I knew too much of raspberry would run downhill.  I just didn't know that all the red in it would run away too!

But I actually like the free flowing nature of these out impressionists!


  1. gosh, looks quite beautiful and perfect to me! :)

  2. I like them. I still see hints of fuchsia and really like the way the glaze bleeds. Did you add the yellow?

    1. Thanks...I do like the blending too! Yes, a bit of white and yellow glazes (Stroke n Coat) were added too. I know I can get the watercolor bleeding now with this combo!

  3. Don't tell your potential buyers your secret. These look like blossoms in the rain, mysterious and evocative.

  4. Even though it didn't turn out the way you want, I do like the impressionistic flavor of the cups, a success to my eye


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