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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Big Stone Gap fire

Remember my road trip last Sat?  To the Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap, VA.  

I'm now Wendy Welch's friend on FaceBook, and yesterday evening she posted lots of pictures from her second story windows of the fire across the street.  I thought she had a blog as well, but am not finding it.  So here's her FB site.

All photos are Wendy's.

March 3, about 8 pm under control
March 4, this morning, back flaming again

About half an hour ago, she posted a picture that the fire had restarted, and then was again under control.  It's a chemical loaded building, being a NAPA Auto Parts store.  The apartment building didn't make it last night, but the ABC store has so far been protected.  There are lots of comments from people concerned about the chemical run off.

March 4, back under control.

So sorry to see, and hear about this fire kitty-corner from a lovely business, which is closed for today.  I know they are smelling lots of smoky fumes, and hope everyone in the Bookstore and Cafe are ok.  Thanks Wendy, for sharing with us.


  1. Wendy gave us an update that there were no apartments in that building. The chemicals continue to smoke however.


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