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Monday, January 20, 2014

Tree creation three

Tree three, say that three times fast.  Ha ha.

Piercing.  That was the job for over 5 hours, I'd guess.  Then fixing a bit of a design glitch in the root system of the tree.

Oh did I mention, carving out the extra clay on the main body of the tree... behind those added roots and limbs?  That was done with a trimming tool, and a plastic to catch the shavings.

So most of the work was finished in a leather hard stage.  The pierced part wanted to dry fast, so I had to keep spritzing it with water from a spray bottle.

Now I really want to make a cat.  Trees again soon!

And I reopened my Etsy shop yesterday.  Not sure how to do all the bells and whistles, like how to get a connection in the sidebar here...a link.  Will check with all those other potter friends on Etsy and see how they did it!  Come on over...more things being listed daily.


  1. wow how beautiful and that carved bowl is just the finishing or crowning touch.

    1. But with all pottery, this is just the first stage of many in which things can go wrong. I may have to repair cracks in that bowl...or who knows what. But thanks for your vote of confidence...and lets keep our fingers and toes crossed. I bet you've got some great ideas from Akira now.

  2. Your ideas keep growing and developing. The base and the bowl seem to be growing into/out of each other. Toes crossed for happy kiln gods & goddesses and a wonderful outcome for all three.


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