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Friday, September 6, 2013

Blog for whom?

I usually read this blog HERE, Art Biz Blog, and find something new to ponder.  Here today is the post about why bloggers put the effort out, and what we hope to get back (and sometimes do) from our readers.

She's the one who told me to "just show up in my studio" when I had no motivation.

That still happens, and the voice in my head can go drink your coffee in there, after all.


  1. The same advice I've had from many teachers, potters, friends. Get into your studio every day. Even if it's just to clean your tools your putting yourself into your physical creative space.
    Thanks for the connect to Art Biz Blog

  2. Same for a writer, just put your name or other word at the top of the page. Or an artist, just make one mark with the brush or pen. Works!


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