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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve presents

Now we could be using the verb form of present, to present something to you...but I'm not.
This time I have photos to present...of presents that are being given.  Or maybe I'm presenting presents.

ENOUGH, you're throwing things at your screen, screaming at my verbal theatrics.

A plate for Teresa

My friend, Teresa ordered a set of dinner plates.  Then she had to have a transmission put in her Jeep, so cancelled the order.  (I'd only thrown 3 at that point I think).  I said ok, then sat around moping, wondering what to do with the energy I'd built up.  A day went by.  A few days went by.  I couldn't do anything.  I read novels.

I finally called Teresa, and said how about doing a pay it forward thing, where you give me just a little toward the plates, and I'll make them, and you can pay when you can pay.

She said yes, gave me enough money to purchase the clay for 8 plates.  I made 5.  I showed them to her after the glaze was finished, just as she'd chosen from a sample small plate.

So I made the rest, they were fired in plenty of time, and I delivered them to her. 

Her original idea was to give them to her adult children, saying they could then bring all these plates back together once a year for a feast with her family.  It was a good idea.

Then she said she wouldn't be having all 8 of the family members at dinner, which had originally been planned.

Many plans tend to do this, don't they?

A few days ago I realized I hadn't taken a picture of them, though they were in my house for weeks.  So yesterday she brought one back so I could make a digital photo to keep to remember the plates, one of many in my portfolio.

I think I make pretty good plates.  I haven't ever had one crack.  The glaze can sometimes give me problems...mainly from community studio issues.  But I'm not about to get my own kiln.

  Teresa also gave me a lovely basket of fruits and a calendar for Christmas.  She said she knows when she has it, she'll pay me for the plates.  I know she will also.


  1. First, I have had a plate crack, which was as it first dried, rather than going through any kilns. Must not have counted that!
    Second, I can't do the pay it forward thing again, because the elec. company does want real cash.

  2. Wanted to stop by and drop a pebble in the pond. Have enjoyed your blog postings this year and reading all you do in and out of the clay world. May the light of the new season shine brightly on you B.
    Good Clay, Hot Kilns and Great sales this coming year for all the potters!

    1. That's a great pottery wish, thanks so much. Same for you!

  3. You make beautiful plates Barb! Something for me to aspire to - they are perfectly inspirational!
    Love the drizzle of glaze across them too :)

    What a great idea to have matched plates to bring together at Christmas.

    Here's to a fabulous clay-filled wheel spinning 2013!! Cheers and warm blessings x

    1. THanks Vicki...sorry about mistaking you for another Vicki blogger in your previous comment. She had a knee replacement. I'm glad you like the plates. I will remember you are "potter Vicki" now. Happy holidays!


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