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Thursday, October 4, 2012

test bowl

 What's so "test" about this bowl?
 I never get the glaze exactly horizontal where one glaze meets the next.  A new(ish) potter asked me how to do that, and I said I am unsuccessful at it.  And I actually usually like that so it proves a human hand and eye made this.

No, the test being carried out on the bowl here is that it has a rolled lip.  It may well have some air inside the roll, and I expected it wouldn't stay together.  But it did.  And it feels really nice, being light to handle though it looks very sturdy.

Get your cereal ready to eat in this!


  1. All those tiny imperfections make it so unique! I love it Barbara.

  2. So you know if an item is enclosed will it normally explode or crack if the air can't escape? I always wonder about that. I hand brush my glazes very carefully but I am sure they are not perfect. I have seen folks demo how they dip them but I could probably never get mine perfect either, shows it's handmade rather than machine I think that's better.

    1. Yes, that was the expectation, but I'd seen someone on a blog who did it and didn't punch a hole to let air that was the test. Thanks for all your comments!

  3. should be do you know, not so you know, typo


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