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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tea bowls or cups?

When is it a tea bowl?
When is it a cup?

I have no training in making tea of course I defer to masters with many years of that heritage...which I believe is sacred to certain potters.

So without any mistique, I've thrown some slightly imperfect, losely decorated white clay cups.  The decoration was just cobalt carbonate stain, painted onto the leather hard greenware.

And one of the goals was to make indents in the sides where fingers/thumbs could get a better grasp on the cup.

I made 10 of these, which will be mix or match at pretty reasonable prices.

And then there was the second tea jar with cork lid.

The orange glaze (over white clay) is imperfections in the bottom of a tub of glaze.  It's gone now, so you might say this is one of a kind.  (You also might say each of my works is!)


  1. I have no idea if it is a tea bowl or cup. I know the internet has some specifications for yunomi, chawan, and maybe teabowl too. The first two have specific sizes and uses.


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