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Monday, October 1, 2012

success feels good

My living room, even my kitchen counters, and the studio shelves were all full of different kinds of pottery. 

 Everything from tiny vases to nude sculptures, from tree sculptures to mugs and bowls and casseroles.  Whew.  All laid out.

And then the day flowed so smoothly.

In spite of excellent hiking weather, many of my Black Mountain friends came by to check out the pots.

  Most hadn't been to my house in ages, if ever.  So it was just friends dropping buy. 

They left with bags of pottery too.  And my personal finances will be fuller and happier today.

  I think my main thankfulness is for friends who knew when they came over they would buy something.  Some of them didn't, but most did.

It was fun especially to sit and talk and sip cider.

  Not the usual shopping experience!  At least not in my life!  Do you go to a gallery and have that kind of ease?  Certainly not a design store.

And having a best friend stay the whole time really made it easy for me too. ( in case we had a busy experience  where people wanted to talk glazes at the same time someone wanted to hurry away with a purchase, which never happened.)  Many thanks to Teresa!


  1. Oh! So many of these that I just love! What fun it must be to be able to create something like this.

  2. congrats on a good sale, I never saw so much pottery in one home, I'll have to let my Gary see these photos cause he thinks I have too much pottery around here. Ha.

    1. Yes, Linda, I have Waaaay too much pottery. Fortunately these were the 'before" pictures, so there's a bit less now, mmm, about 10% less. And now I can get back to making more!


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