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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spruce-Pine Potters Market

Oh my, what a glorious potters' dream, seeing a room full of the best in the region.  And I know that doesn't include the central North Carolina area either.

But I did just swim through an hour or maybe a bit more enjoying seeing wonderful work.  And I succumbed to purchasing a few pieces.  Being just an aspiring potter meant I couldn't afford much.  But I did have a few favorite artists which I'd been waiting a long time to have a sample of their work in my home.  I won't tell you who, because if you weren't one today, be sure I'll be back next year!

Yesterday rather than going to the potter's market, I went around our local Lake Tomahawk.  There were two changes that I noticed.

There was no fountain going up at the far end of the lake.  I wonder why.

Two kinds of ducks and a goose eating side by side.

Close by was a gorgeous maple with fall leaves aflame.
A pair of Mallards were eating together.

And the second surprise was seeing the little island is practically nude.  I'd never been able to see the ground on it.  It was not covered in bushes, so someone must have cleared it off.

I have more pictures to share soon.  It's the season to click those shutters.


  1. wonderful maple and too bad they cleared the island of all the shrubs, they make good cover and nesting places for birds.

    1. I bet the bushes come back again by spring. Perhaps it was the problem of critters attracted to the nests of eggs...there were only rare clutches of baby ducks while I've been here. I'll try to walk around there more (as my doctor wants me to increase my exercise!)

  2. I wish I lived close enough to have gone to the Spruce Pine Potters market and Whynot's 30th Anniversary sale. So often my heart is in North Carolina.

    1. I feel kind of too far to go to Seagrove even, and miss lots of their shows. Maybe every other year or so I go to Charlotte. Atlanta, well, if I knew someone still to stay with...but my Atlanta relations moved!

  3. Barbara -- a beautiful season to visit Lake Tomahawk. It looked like you had the place pretty much to yourself, except for the ducks of course. Nice photos -- barbara


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