Saturday, October 20, 2012


Yesterday I showed you the angels to hang on your tree.  Now here come the snowflakes.
I have lots of time to either
a. not have to make any more holiday goodies
b. make many more until I have a huge inventory.
c. maybe just make a few more when people let me know what they like.

These are white clay, with glaze on one side.  I will paint the opposite sides with gold paint, much like I did the bottom of my angels skirts.  It isn't quite as sturdy as glaze, but will last fine for ornaments, which will be treated like glass ornaments are, as delicate.

My one thing I learned was that snowflakes actually are harder to make than angels.  And I had more that broke in the construction process.  But would you pay more for one?  Nah, everyone thinks the angels are more valuable, because they are 3D, for one thing!

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  1. Your ornaments are so pretty! People are strange about what they think something is worth, no denying that fact!


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