Monday, October 8, 2012


The ongoing quest for a pitcher which pours properly.

Keep on trying.

I like the Matt Bronze Green glaze, and especially with this new accent test of a black matt glaze.

Both of them run to brown where they are thin.  But the matt quality is pretty.  The liner is a Satin White.

Here the white satin comes outside and down the body and handle also.

The black where it was brushed on as thick as I could make it, came out looking pretty hoakey.  Unless you're trying for patchy streaks.

But the thing I do like is how the white and black interact where the white was dipped over the brushed on black.  Whow.  That's the kind of blend and separation of colors I like.

Yes, it's can even see the highlight is in focus.  Kind of impressionistic coloration happening there.  I want to do more with this!

Incidentally, the second pitcher pours with constant dribble down the side.  The top one can pour the last half of a pitcher-full but the first half will dribble.

Guess what I did after these two abject "learning experiences?"  Made a bunch of test pitchers.  They are in the bisque kiln today.


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    1. That's a good way to look at these pitchers...pretty glaze, some places anyway. Thanks


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